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Searching for the Wawenocks: Four Guides to the Past by Kerry Hardy
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Norumbega Reconsidered: Mawooshen and the Wawenoc Diaspora
Preface 3
Introduction 5
Protohistory and the Phenomenon of Naming 8
The Wawenoc Diaspora 11
The English Version of Maine's Ethnohistoric Past 16
The Bourquian Model: A French Version of Maine's Ethnohistory 22
The Confederacy of Mawooshen 26
The Myths of Norumbega 31
The Current Paradigm 37
The French Sources: An Ambiguous Commentary 39
Ethnocentrism and the Problem of Samoset 44
Revisionist's Paradigm Part I: The Conundrum 49
Dean Snow: The Abenaki or the Etchemins? 54
Eastern Abenaki Villages at the Beginning of the Historic Era 58
"Wawinak," The Oval Island, as "Arambeck" 62
The Elusive Bashebas of Mawooshen 64
Wawenoc Palimpsest 68
The Ecology of the Central Maine Coast 72
The Myth of the Limits of Horticulture 76
Maritime Resources of Mawooshen 78
Ecology is Economy 80
The Great Pandemic of 1617-1619 and the Wawenoc Diaspora 84
Revisionist's Paradigm: Part II 89
A Lost Chapter in Maine History 97
Mawooshen Reconsidered 102
The Almouchiquois: Ethnicity Reconsidered 108
The Conundrum of Ethnohistory 115
White Man's History and the Scalping of English Historians 118
Conclusion 122
Short Bibliography 124
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Short Bibliography
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A. Norumbega Reconsidered Maps
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B. Abenaki Homeland N'dakina Map Key
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C. Searching for the Wawenocks: Four Guides to the Past
     by Kerry Hardy
(.pdf format, size: 9.0 Mb)
D. Lescarbot's Poem
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E. English Translation of Lescarbot's Poem
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F. Transcript of Samuel Purchas' Description of Mawooshen
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(.html format)
G. Dean Snow's Eastern Abenaki Tribal Names
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(.html format)
H. Donald Soctomah's chapter in One Land Two Worlds
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I. Native American Links
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J. Principal
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K. Contemporary
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L. Special Topics Bibliographies
Damariscotta Shell Middens
Indian Pandemic of 1617-1619
Pathways and Canoe Routes
Petroglyphs in Maine
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Back Cover
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