Center for the Study of Early Tools

DTM 2nd Floor: Library of the Center for the Study of Early Tools. Visitors welcomed anytime after registering with Museum.
Computer access and research materials available to registered visitors. Overnight accomidations will be available in the near future {Late 2007} One section of our vast reference library. *Note: The coffee cup is actually sculpture. Visitors are asked to limit food & drink to the MAG Cafe {also on the 2nd Floor}

Tool Cataloging Area: Center for the Study of Early Tools Tools being cataloged for the June 2007 Show: "The Art of the Edge Tool" in the DTM Main Hall

Entry to the Reading Room for the Center for the Study of Early Tools Two pieces of work by MAG artist Melita Westerlund: "Sketch with Spiral" {top} and "Sketch in Red" {bottom} and "Mother" by Gregory Sprowl (R)

Comfortable seating provided for readers or visitors to the Center and artwork for sale. More seating and some of the artwork in the DTM Permanent Collection including "Staccoto Series Number 2" by Melita Westerlund (C) & "Ocean Drive" by artist Emily Bracale (R), and "Locked in The Attic" color photo by Donna Just (L)

The Curator's Local transportation: Please don't borrow his bike!


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