Tool Information Files

The revolutionary impact of the internet now allows the construction of a detailed electronic encyclopedia of New England's most important toolmakers.  This task is an essential component of constructing an archaeology of tools of the maritime culture of Maine.  Visitors to this website can be extremely helpful by providing us citations of publications and website links pertaining to the many 18th and 19th century tool manufacturers and toolmakers who created the hand tools that helped build America.

Special Collections of Tools at The Davistown Museum
Note: some of these are repeated from the toolmaker lists above and others are special groupings that are not necessarily associated with only one manufacturer.

The Boston wrench group
C. Drew & Co. (listing of the tools in the Drew collection)
Norman Epstein (listing of the tools in the Epstein hoard)
Knox Engine Company (listing of the tools in the W. F. Blake collection)
Kenneth Lynch  (listing of the Lynch collection tools)
Levi Tinkham (listing of the Tinkham collection)
Abiel F. Walker (listing of the tools in the Walker collection)
Willards (Benjamin, Simon, Aaron), (listing of the Simon Willard collection)

Joseph Holmes