The Davistown Museum
Center for the Study of Early Tools
Scattered throughout The Davistown Museum are tools by important manufacturers who are also the subject of
information files compiled by the museum. This is a listing of our holdings for:
Christopher Prince Drew Tools

Status Location
Historic Maritime IV (1840-1865): The Early Industrial Revolution
Blacksmith, Farrier, and Metalworking Tools
31011T4 Punch bio DTM MH3-D3
Cast steel, 5 5/8" long, 1/2" wide, signed "C. DREW & CO." "CAST STEEL".
Coopers' Tools
81801T13 Hoop driver bio photo DTM MH
Cast steel with wood handle, 4 5/8" long head, 1 5/8" long groove, signed "C. Drew & Co. Cast Steel".
This is a rare Drew tool.
TML1003 Tack hammer bio DTM MH
Drop-forged steel, 4 5/8" long, 1/2" diameter, signed "C. DREW & CO".
Drew hammers are rare; this one has a split face.
TBL1003 Tack hammer head bio photo DTM MH
Drop-forged steel, 4 1/2" long, signed "C. DREW & CO.".
Machinists' Tools
41203T2D Machinists' pry bar bio DTM MH
Forged steel, 15 1/2" long, signed "C. Drew & Co. No 75".
Miscellaneous Tools
41203T2G Brick chisel bio DTM MH
Forged steel, 6 7/8" long, 2 7/8" wide, signed "C. Drew & Co.".
41203T2A Pry bar bio DTM MH
Forged steel, 15 1/4" long, signed "C. Drew and Company".
41203T20 Screwdriver bio DTM MH
Forged steel, 9" long, signed "C. Drew & Co.".
41203T2B Small wrecking bar bio DTM MH
Forged steel, 12" long, signed "Drew No. 12".
Shipwrights', Sailmakers', and Mariners' Tools
TCX1002 Caulking iron bio photo DTM MH
Cast steel, 6" long, 2 1/2" wide, signed "C. DREW & CO. CAST STEEL".
3405T3 Caulking iron bio DTM MH
Malleable iron and steel, 5" long, 1 3/4" wide, signed "H. Reed".
The Kingston, Massachusetts: Tool Encyclopedia states: "H. REED was a mark used by C. DREW & Co. on some of the tools they
manufactured. 'H. REED' tools were less expensive than those marked 'C. DREW' and by inference were probably somewhat lower in
41302T10 Caulking iron bio DTM MH
Malleable iron and steel, 6 1/4" long, 2 1/4" wide, signed "H Reed".
H. Reed is listed in DATM (Nelson 1999) with no location or date. The following information is from Andrew Pollock: "See page 6 of the C.
DREW reprint catalogue No. 34, for a listing of H. REED caulking irons. These were actually made by C. DREW & CO. for clients who
wanted to pay less than what C. DREW irons would cost, and who were willing to accept somewhat lower quality."
120907T8 Caulking iron (2) bio DTM TT
Cast steel, 7" long, 2" wide and 6" long, 1" wide, signed "C. DREW & CO" and "CAST STEEL".

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