Davistown Library

The state of Maine has a great Maine history library and resource center at the Maine Historical Society.  The Maine State Library and Archives are also an important Maine history resource available to area residents.  The first priority of the Davistown Museum library, divided into five sections on three floors of the museum, is to provide local residents, Liberty Tool Co. customers, museum visitors and those with a special interest in ferrous metallurgy and the history of hand tools, access to books and materials not readily available at other institutions.  The Davistown Museum's focus is on the hand tools of New England's maritime culture in the age of wooden sailing ships.  The library of the Center for the Study of Early Tools is the cornerstone of our library collection, which includes journal articles and a wide variety of books and references on local, Maine and New England history, Native Americans in Maine, art and artists in Maine and environmental history.  Books in the library collection are available for on-site use whenever the museum is open.

The Davistown Library includes the following:

Visiting researchers, scholars and students: The Museum is now ready to welcome visitors to use the Center for the Study of Early Tools library.  Overnight stays may be arranged in the Center for the Study of Early Tools apartment.  Please contact Judith Brown.  Facilities are available for visiting students, for more information see our Education Programs page.

Library Inventory Listing

Bibliographies (The IS at the end of a bibliography listing indicates that the Davistown Museum has a copy "in stock.")