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The Davistown Museum now has thousands of books and journal articles on Native American history, Maine
history, the history of tools and technology and Maine environmental history on site in the Museum. When
perusing our website bibliographies note the bibliographic citations currently located at the museum are denoted
by "IS" (in stock) at the end of the citation. Onsite at the museum is a searchable database of the library
collection. The short list below are texts that do not fit into our bibliography listings and are on exhibition
display shelves rather than in the regular library stacks.

Status Location

30201L5 American Sunday-School Union DTM MH
Bosses and their Boys; or, the Duties of Masters and Apprentices Illustrated and Enforced. 1853. American Sunday-School
Union, Philadelphia, PA..
Children's book, display copy only, not in bibliographies.

30201L2 Author unknown DTM MH
A Home in the Sea; or, the Adventures of Philip Brusque; Designed to show the Nature and Necessity of Government. 1858.
Sheldon, Blakeman & Co., NY, NY.
Children's book for display only, not in bibliographies.

30201L4 Charles Scribner's Sons DTM MH
Scribner's Magazine Miniature Copy Published Monthly with Illustrations. 1909. Vol. XLVI, no. 3. Charles Scribner's Sons, NY,
Children's publication, for display only, not in bibliographies.

30201L1 Cousin Bessie DTM MH
The Lighted Way or Loving Words about Jesus. n.d.. American Baptist Publication Society, Philadelphia.
Children's book, for display only, not in bibliographies

B3501 Miller, Henry DTM
Time of Assassins.

B3500 Miller, Henry DTM
Tropic of Conn.

30201L3 P., H. K. DTM MH
Lucy Maynard; or, Judge not from Appearances. 1802. Massachusetts Sabbath School Society, Boston, MA.
Children's book for display only, not in bibliographies.

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