Union Mfg. Co.
New Britain, Connecticut

Tool Types

Drill Chucks, Planes, Shaves

DATM Information

[It has been determined that the information below from the Directory of American Toolmakers (Nelson 1999) is not totally correct. Skinner held many chuck patents, but the June 1, 1875 patent # 164,032 was held by G. M. Pratt of Middletown, CT. Also a UNION CZAR chuck has been found that is not similar to the June 27, 1899 patent #627,480 assigned to them by John. W. Carleton. Further research is needed to determine what patents the VICTOR and UNION CZAR chucks were based on.]

This company began making hinges, pumps and other non-tool items but later ceased. In 1880 they began making drill and lathe chucks based on James N. Skinner's 1 June 1875 patent with the brand name VICTOR. Later, they used the brand UNION CZAR on chucks patented 27 June 1899. After 1900, they began to make transitional and metal planes. This may hold true to spoke shaves and scrapers as well. A 1919 company history makes no mention of those tools, regardless. Another Union Mfg. Co. in Buffalo, NY made foot powered grinders after 1905.

Identifying Marks


General Information
This company utilized a locking lever adjustment in their planes and held a patent to it.



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