Welcome to the art exhibitions of the Davistown Museum in historic and scenic Liberty, Maine. Even if you are visiting to see our world-famous tool collection, we hope you will enjoy the creations of over 100 Maine and New England artists on display within the Museum gallery complex. The Museum exhibition is a mix of antiquarian and contemporary artwork in the permanent collection of the Davistown Museum, Maine Artists Guild member creations, and antiquarian fine art consignments for our fund-raising campaign. The Museum is located in the scenic Norumbega hill country; if you are travelling the coast of Maine - follow any of these rivers to their headwaters and you will enter the Davistown Plantation - later the towns of Montville (1807) and Liberty (1827).

Maine Artists Guild Exhibition (MAG) 

This exhibition consists of work consigned to the MAG galleries by artists in the permanent collection who also participate in the annual exhibition. All art work listed here is for sale. A scattering of work on consignment by artists such as Alan Magee are also displayed on the 3rd floor. A complete listing of all the artwork in this show is contained in the Maine Artists Guild Catalog (catalog #2) available at the museum or at the Liberty Tool Co.

Maine Artists Guild (MAG) Gallery Complex
is located on the 2nd floor of the Davistown Museum downstairs from the Main Exhibition Hall.

Saturdays 10 AM - 10 PM 
Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays
11 AM - 5 PM
MAG Gallery Catalog Cover
MAG Gallery Catalog Introduction
MAG Gallery Catalog Listing
Davistown Museum Gallery

An exhibition of antiquarian artwork for sale as part of the fundraising efforts of the Museum. 30% of the sale of these consignments are donated to the museum. Many of these paintings are on loan to the annual exhibition and are displayed on both the 2nd and 3rd floors of the museum. Numerous other artworks loaned from private collections have been consigned to help fund our operating expenses. Many of these consignments are located in the 2nd floor gallery complex; others are offsite at the Hulls Cove office or at the locations indicated in the Gallery catalog. Some of the works in the Davistown Museum gallery can only be seen on the gallery Web page. A listing of all the artwork and a selection of other antiques consigned to the Museum for fundraising purposes is contained in the Davistown Museum Gallery eStore Catalog (catalog #3) available at the museum or at the Liberty Tool Co.

Please help to support the Davistown Museum by consigning your artwork to the Davistown Museum galley complex. Our commission is only 30%.

Davistown Museum Gallery eStore Catalog: Fine arts for sale
Davistown Museum Hulls Cove Sculpture Garden

Two and a half acres of sculptures, flower gardens, and pathways adjacent to Acadia National Park and the Davistown Museum Hulls Cove office. The Sculpture Garden is open to the public without charge daily from dawn to dusk, year-round an has displayed Maine artists since 1992. Some of the more fragile sculptures and many of the found tools are put in storage in mid-November for the duration of the winter. You are nonetheless welcome to visit the sculpture gardens during the winter when heavy snow cover provides a special ambiance that differs from that of the fall foliage season or the high summer with our many flower beds. Many people come to the Davistown Museum Hulls Cove Sculpture Garden to view the wide variety of wild flowers as well as annuals and perennials in our gardens and two greenhouses. The sculpture garden also includes a circumferential trail that encompasses the sculpture garden and grounds of the Hulls Cove Tool Barn. The grounds include over a mile of trails, a tree house, a hideaway, two playhouses, a swing set, and four frog ponds. The Breakneck Brook, a trout stream originating within Acadia National Park and the Breakneck Valley, borders the garden and empties into the ocean at Hulls Cove. The Hulls Cove Sculpture Garden is an ideal destination for families interested in art or tools with energetic children who need a little space to run around in.

2021 Sculpture Garden Guide
2005 Sculpture Garden Photo Tour
Map of the Sculpture Garden circumferential trail

Special show for 2007: 7 Maine Women
7 Maine Women show catalog.
Davistown Museum Annual Art Exhibition

The annual exhibition is located on the 3rd floor of the Museum building and includes the main hall and five adjoining exhibition areas. The items on display are a combination of antiquarian and contemporary artwork in the permanent collection and loans, bequests, and gifts from over 100 Maine artists. Most work in the annual exhibition is not for sale. Some artwork from the permanent collection is also on display in the 2nd floor gallery complex. A complete listing of all the artwork in this show is contained in the Annual Exhibition Catalog (catalog # 1) available at the museum or at the Liberty Tool Co.

Annual Exhibition Catalog in .PDF format
Floor Plan of the museum.
2005 Art Show: What Needs to Be Retrieved: The Marriage of Tools, Art, and History
Art Show Description
Art Show Listing
Art Show Catalog Listing
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Davistown Museum
Hulls Cove Sculpture Garden
Biographies of artists on exhibit
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Davistown Museum Store

The museum gift shop has been moved from the second floor cafe area to the third floor next to the main exhibition hall. Our small shop has many nifty gifts and cards and sells publications and items by MAG artists such as Allan Magee as well as gift cards by MAG member Jaye Schlesinger. Also for sale are museum publications such as the Registry of Maine Toolmakers and Norumbega Reconsidered. The museum store offers some delicious power chocolates, which can also be purchased at the MAG cafe downstairs.

Maine Artists Guild Haystack Mountain Cafe

The MAG cafe is presently a self-service coffee, tea, and snack Wi-Fi zone. Visitors to the Museum galleries are encouraged to relax, browse thorough our small selctions of books, peruse a museum publication, and encounter the many wonderful creations of Maine Artists Guild members. While you are having a cup of tea, explore the contents of our 3 part catalog or many museum publications. The cafe is located next to the museum staff kitchen; on Saturday evenings - check with the museum cook to see if there is a complimentary serving of sauteed vegetables available. The museum cafe is only licensed to sell coffee, tea, and packaged snacks. Visitors may bring their own sandwiches and picnics to the expansive outdoor cafe porch with a nice view of the nearby hills.

Pennywheel Press

The Pennywheel Press was established in West Jonesport, Maine in 1970 by the Museum curator, Skip Brack, and is currently the vendor for all Davistown Museum publications, past and present. We are now taking orders for Norumbega Reconsidered: Mawooshen and the Wawenoc Diaspora by HG Brack, which explores the many controversies pertaining to the indigenous residents of the central Maine coast 1535 - 1620. Also available is the 6th edition of the Registry of Maine Toolmakers by HG Brack; Handbook for Ironmongers by HG Brack; Art of the Edge Tool by HG Brack; Tools Teach by Judith Bradshaw Brown; Searching for the Wawenocks: Four Guides to the Past by Kerry Hardy; and back issues of publications by the Center for Biological Monitoring. Special orders are also taken for Davistown Museum publications.

Davistown Museum donated consignments

The Liberty Tool Company, Captain Tinkham's Emporium, and Hulls Cove Tool Barn have alloted shelf space for items that have been donated to the Davistown Museum for resale. 100% of the sale price of these items help us support our rapidly expanding museum. Won't you kindly consider donating a few tools, postcards, pottery, or minor artworks to benefit the Davistown Museum? Don't forget, more expensive fine arts are welcome as consignments; the sales commission of 30% is donated to the museum.

The primary mission of the Davistown Museum Annual Art Exhibition is to provide a forum to display the work of Maine's contemporary artists -- painters, printmakers, photographers, sculptors, assemblage artists and artisans utilizing other media including glass, fabric and ceramics. The establishment of The Davistown Museum in Liberty has resulted in the opportunity to create an ongoing and ever changing exhibition of the work of approximately 100 artists. When combined with its permanent collection of antiquarian art, old tools and found objects (ADR -- accidental durable remnants,) the Liberty Museum interior constitutes a single organic installation of art and artifacts that is unique among Maine's museums and galleries.

The entire art exhibition of The Davistown Museum consists of (a) the permanent collection of paintings, prints and sculpture, (b) individual works of art loaned to the museum for the Annual Art Exhibition, (c) the Maine Arists Guild and M.A.G. Galleries collection, (d) the Davistown Museum Gallery Fine Arts Sale {consignments from private collections to benefit the museum}, and (e) the Hulls Cove Sculpture Garden, where approximately 50 installations are displayed in 2 1/2 acres of gardens and trails.

The main collection of paintings and prints is located at The Davistown Museum in Liberty Village and occupies the main exhibition hall and four smaller rooms on the 3rd & 4th floors, and a new complex of eight rooms on the 2nd floor. The sculpture collection is more or less evenly divided between the Liberty Village and Hulls Cove locations. The Hulls Cove Sculpture Garden is located 75 miles east of Liberty Village, adjacent to the Hulls Cove office of The Davistown Museum, the Tool Barn and the gallery of the Great Wass Island Salvage Co. The antiquarian paintings and other artwork in the Great Wass Island Salvage Co. gallery may be seen only by appointment, and are not part of The Davistown Museum. A listing of these paintings may be viewed in Catalog III, and are consigned for sale to the Museum gallery for fund raising purposes. A photo tour of this gallery may be accessed by visiting the website of the Jonesport Wood Co./Great Wass Island Salvage Co.