GTS Characterization Survey Report
Maine Yankee Atomic Power Company. (April 1998). GTS Duratek characterization survey report for the Maine Yankee Atomic Power Plant, revision 1. Nine volume report prepared by GTS Duratek, Inc. for the Maine Yankee Atomic Power Plant, Wiscasset, ME.

Characterization Summary for Survey Package Number: R0500
Bailey Point drive-over gamma scan

Discussion of this portion of the report can be found in RAD 12: Maine Yankee: Decommissioning Chronicle Continued: March 5, 1999 and the Hide the Evidence Contest.  There is also an analysis in RAD 12: Maine Yankee: Patterns of Noncompliance Part II. C. 3. c. Survey Package Summaries.  The contamination discovered on Bailey Point is particularly significant for a variety of reasons.  First of all, it's a great distance from Bailey Point to the reactor vessel where the discovery of a hot particle would be more likely.  Secondly, this is a very hot, hot particle as the reporting unit is pCi/gm of 60Co and the reporting level is 33,600 pCi/gm or, to use standard reporting units, 33,600,000 pCi/kg.  This survey summary does not tell us how large the particle was (a tenth of a gram or 10 grams?), nor can we really trust the site characterization survey given the large amount of disinformation surrounding the characterization process that additional areas of Bailey Point are also contaminated.  The characterization summary notes that all other samples were showing contamination levels at or below (expected) background levels.  Also see Secret Survey 2500.
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Also available on the web from this report is:
Characterization Survey Report Title page, Summary of Special Survey Package R2501, pages 1 and 4; pages 5 - 8; pages 9 - 12; pages 13 - 16; pages 17 - 20; pages 21 - 26.

Additional discussion of this report is contained in Patterns of Noncompliance as well as in RADNET Section 12: Part 5-E: March 5, 1999.

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