North Wayne Tool Co.
Hallowell and Oakland, Maine

Tool Types

Axes, farm Tools, Scythes, General Tools

Directory of American Toolmakers Information

Charles W. Tilden, Joseph E. Bodwell and Wiliston Jennings founded this company and moved to Oakland circa 1900--their original location has been reported as Hallowell, West Waterville, and Wayne.

Identifying Marks


General Information
Special thanks to John P. Miller, President of the Wayne Historical Society for furnishing us with a copy of Kallop's history of the North Wayne Tool Co. This text gives a comprehensive history of this company and the many names it used and people who were involved with it. It states, "In the Maine Register the tool company's presence in North Wayne is first noted in 1881, when it is identified at Bodwell & Harvey, edge-tools.  Not until the year following and thereafter is the published listing identified by company name.  Whatever was the reason for the initial listing with personal rather than company name, it nevertheless leads to speculation on the complex role of William Harvey in these various transactions, and his emergence as an apparently equal partner with Joseph R. Bodwell." (pg. 77). "At the opening of the new century the numerous firms manufacturing edge tools during much of the 19th century were reduced to three; the Dunn Edge Tool Company, Emerson & Stevens, and the American Axe and Tool Company.  The last was to be out of business soon after the century began, leaving only two, but in 1907 they were joined by the King Axe Company.  With an earlier existence as King & Messer, the company continued under its new name until 1922 when it was sold to others, then some twenty years later was resurrected and survived for a brief time as King Axe and Tool Company.  With a far shorter lifetime is identified in 1906 still another newcomer to the list -- William Harvey & Sons." (pg. 109). "In 1904, sharing a page with four others whose business addresses are in either Hallowell or Gardiner, is the North Wayne Tool Company.  Identified as Manufacturers of Agricultural Edge Tools, the company's products are named under the heading Specialties: C. C. Brooks' Bread Knives, Corn Hooks, Hay Knives and Hoes. C. C. Brooks' little Giant Scythes.  C. C. Brooks' Be Ve Be Scythes. H. S. Earle's Little Giant Grass Hooks. H. S. Earle's Corn Knives. Hand Made Axes of all Patterns. Lefavour's Favorite Weeders." (pg. 110).



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