Collins & Co.
Collinsville and Canton, CT

Tool Types

Adzes, Aes, Hammers, Wrenches, Machetes, Swords

Directory of American Toolmakers Information

Canton and Collinsville are the same town. The company had sales offices in Hartford, CT and New York City, NY. Some sources claim start dates before 1926, but 1926 has the most evidence behind it. "Collins Co." is the only known variation of this name.

Identifying Marks

The maker's name in various incarnations, city, state and "Made in U.S.A."; Sometimes a crown figure with an arm and hammer nestled in it and the word "Legitimus" curving upward under it.

General Information
According to their 1921 catalog, tools bearing the mark "Collins & Co., Hartford" is used on their most premium products whereas "R. King," "Bx Swift," "Bv Wise" and "Charter Oak" are used on their budget lines of products. At this time, they manufactured over 1,100 products. It also purports that shoddy imitations of their products have been manufactured in Germany with their exact mark and the marks "B. Collins," "D. Collins" or "H. Collins" were made by other American manufacturers. The "Legitimus" crown and arm logo arose in response to these imitators. In September 1833, the Hartford banks demanded an immediate payment of the company's debt, which effectively reduced their worth to nil. Ironically, this may have been a substantial break for the company considering it caused a massive buy-up among consumers of their products as many feared they'd cease to be manufactured. In 1864, a steam engine was installed in the factory and the production of bayonets began en masse for Colt, Sharpe Rifle Company, and Springfield Armory.



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