Toolmaker Information Files

The revolutionary impact of the internet now allows the construction of a detailed electronic encyclopedia of New England's most important toolmakers.  This task is an essential component of constructing an archaeology of tools of the maritime culture of Maine.  Visitors to this website can be extremely helpful by providing us citations of publications and website links pertaining to the many 18th and 19th century tool manufacturers and toolmakers who created the hand tools that helped build America.

Davistown (Liberty and Montville) Toolmakers Information Files

All currently identified Davistown (Liberty and Montville) toolmakers are listed in the Davistown History Project section of this website.  If you have any additional information on these toolmakers, please contact the Museum.  Documentation of toolmakers living in Liberty and Montville as well as in other nearby locations is one of the missions of the Davistown Museum.  If anyone would like to set up a special file on the toolmakers in any community in Hancock, Waldo, Knox, or Lincoln counties or has additional information on local toolmakers please contact the Museum.

Maine Toolmakers Information Files (except Davistown)

Information on Maine toolmakers living outside of the Davistown Plantation area.  As we collect information on the activities of these toolmakers, their files will be constructed or expanded in this location in our website.  If you have any information other than that posted below on any Maine toolmaker that you would like to make available, please contact the Museum.  Please note these listings also include tool users in the Museum collection who did not make their own tool.

Information files are currently available for:

18th century
Robert Merchant [within the Registry of Maine Toolmakers]
Joseph Metcalf

19th century

Bicknell Manufacturing Company / Livingston Manufacturing Company
W. H. Cary (Cary collection of tools)
Noah Emery (tool user)
Zachary T. Furbish
Garland Manufacturing Company
Hiram Holt & Co.
Franklin Augustus Howard
Knox Engine Company (W. F. Blake collection of tools)
J. C. Larrabee (Larrabee collection of tools)
Penney & Thurston
Vaughan & Pardoe (Vaughan & Pardoe collection of tools)
Abiel F. Walker (Walker collection of tools)
Thomas Waterman [within the Registry of Maine Toolmakers]
John Whorff, Barnet Whorff

20th Century

Leon Robbins of Crown Tool Co., Bath, ME
Lie Nielsen