Davistown Museum Hulls Cove Sculpture Garden

The 2021 Sculpture Garden Guide is available in PDF format.

Below are historic photos of the sculpture garden, all taken in 2005 or earlier. Check out the 2021 guide to see the recent additons.


Main Greenhouse ~ Summer 2005

4. M. Westerlund “Medusa Series:  Tropical Goddess” 1998 (polychromed cement).  Located  next to the large greenhouse adjacent to the Tool Barn.
5. M. Westerlund “Medusa Series:  Cinnamon Bay” 1998 (polychromed cement with inlay).  Located opposite the Tool Barn entrance.
12a. J. Wood  "Enigmatic flower" (arrangement with stool and pewter flower) 1996. Moved to front of main residence in north garden.
8. C. Hanson "White Goddess" 1990 (marble).  Located inside the front greenhouse)
J. Wood "untitled" 1990 (found tools). Located outside the front greenhouse.
10. D. Falt "Red Fox" 1992 (polychromed wood).  Now located at the rear of the main residence overlooking the children's play area)
7. J. Wood “Assemblage #16” 1986 (ancient iron pot with found tools).  Moved to  main entrance of Tool Barn driveway.
13. C. Hanson "The Hand" 1988 (bluestone with cannon ball - shifted winter 2004)

14. C. Hanson & H. Brack  "Cheeseburger in a Wheelchair, with New Potatoes" 1988 (deck chair with found artifacts, marble, stone and copper).

Moved to lower main garden entrance.

Post Apocalypse Series No. I

15. D. McLaughlin & H. Brack “The Virgin Birth (Funeral, No Parking)” 1988 (arrangement of found auto parts and other artifacts).  Located at the main garden entrance.

The Funeral, No Parking sign was stolen in the fall of 1996; reward for recovery.

Post Apocalypse Series No. III

16. D. McLaughlin "Junk Collector's Tricycle" 1996 (welded steel with found artifacts).  Located in the central garden.

17. C. Hanson  "Yemaya" 1995 (marble).  Located in the central garden.
18. S. Shaw “Whale Bait” 1996 (spruce, brass, stone and lead).  Located in the central garden.
20. Bell "Mother and Child" 1988 (alabaster).

19. H. Brack & Noreen "23rd Station of the Cross" 1990 (hacmatack cross with large anchor chain, foundry tongs and other found artifacts). Only a portion of the wooden cross with found tools can be seen directly behind 20.

53. M. Westerlund "Gypsy Rose" 1995 (polychromed welded steel). Located in the west garden.
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