Tool Manufacturers

Hegemony of the New England Toolmakers

Maker's listed in bold were on Martin J. Donnelly's original list.
We have been adding manufacturers and have created additional information files for those with links. Some links go to the Registry of Maine Toolmakers or to a listing of the museum's collection of tools by that manufacturer.
(listed alphabetically)

Maker Location Working Dates Products
Athol Machine Company Athol, Mass. 1868-1920 calipers, dividers, squares, etc.
Bemis & Call H. & T. Co. Springfield, Mass. 1844-1910 calipers, dividers & squares, etc.
Billings & Spencer Co. Hartford, Conn. 1882-1914 gauges, measuring tools, calipers, etc.
Brown, J.R. Providence, R.I. 1841-1853 rules, gauges, etc.
Brown & Sharpe, J.R. Providence, R.I. 1853-1867 rules, gauges, etc.
Brown & Sharpe Mfg. Co. Providence, R.I. 1868-Present micrometers, rules, squares, etc.
S.W. Card Mfg. Co. Mansfield, Mass. 1874-1908 taps, dies, etc.
Coffin & Leighton Syracuse, New York 1885-1901 rules & gauges
Cook, J.H. Syracuse, New York 1890-1902 rules, gauges, etc.
Darling & Bailey Bangor, Me. 1852-1853 rules
Darling, Brown & Sharpe Providence, R.I. 1866-1895 rules, gauges, squares, etc.
D. & S. (Darling & Schwartz) Bangor, Me. 1853-1866 rules, squares, etc.
Davis, L.L. Springfield, Mass. 1867-75 levels
Davis Level & Tool, Co. Springfield, Mass. 1875-1893 levels
Fay, Charles1 Springfield, Mass. 1883-1887 calipers & dividers
J. M. King & Co. Waterford, NY 1887-1910 dies, pliers & taps
Massachusetts Tool Co.2 Greenfield, Mass. 1900-1925 squares, gauges, rules, etc.
Sawyer Tool Company Athol, Mass.
Fitchburg, Mass.
Ashburnham, Mass.
squares, rules, gauges, etc.
Standard Tool Company3 Athol, Mass. 1882-1905 squares, calipers, gauges, levels, etc.
Starrett Co., The L.S.S. Athol, Mass. 1880-Present squares, calipers, gauges, etc.
J. Stevens & Company4 Chicopee Falls, Mass. 1864-1903 calipers, gauges, etc.
Stevens Arms & Tool Co.5 Chicopee Falls, Mass. 1886-1903 guns, bits, calipers, dividers, levels
Union Tool Co. Orange, Mass. 1908-75 rules, squares, gauges, etc.
Walker Co., Edwin Erie, Pa. 1887-90 surface gauge & marking gauge
John Wyke & Co. E. Boston, Mass. 1885-1911 gauges, rules, etc.
1. Absorbed by the L.S. Starrett Co.
2.  Absorbed by the Goodell-Pratt Company
3. A subsidiary of the Athol Machine Company
4. Tool division purchased by L.S. Starrett in 1903
5. Name changed from J. Stevens & Company in 1886.

Table reprinted with permission from Martin J. Donnelly Antique Tools, 31 Rumsey St., Box 281, Bath, NY, 14810.

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