Volume 4: Norumbega Reconsidered

Controversy surrounds the question of the ethnic identity and historical significance of the indigenous Native American communities occupying the coastal region of Maine between the Penobscot and Kennebec rivers at the time of European contact and settlement (1600 - 1620).  Were these Native Americans "Etchemins" of Passamaquoddy - Maliseet descent as shown on French maps of the time, or an Abenaki community known as Wawenocs as recounted by English observers and writers?  What links, if any, exist between these communities and the narration of the Land of Mawooshen (Purchas, 1625) and the meaning and significance of Norumbega (Baker, 1994)?  Commentary on the context and substance of this ethnohistoric conundrum is followed by a guest essay by avocational historian Kerry Hardy and annotated bibliographic citations giving voice to the wide range of opinion and viewpoints about Maine's ethnohistoric past.

Native American Artifact Exhibits at the Davistown Museum

The Coffin Stream Assemblage
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The Wapanucket Hoard
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Historical Chronologies
Chronology I: Prehistoric Periods
Chronology II: Late Archaic and Ceramic Period Chronology for Coastal Maine

A Native American Oral History

Rosier's Relation of George Weymouth's 1605 Voyage

Rufus King Sewall's 1896 Article on Mavooshen

Pathways and Canoe Routes of Native Americans
Prehistoric Native American Trails in Davistown and the Norumbega Bioregion
Native Trail's Maps

Principal References
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Pre-Columbian Visitors to North America
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