William T. Wood & Co.
Arlington, Massachusetts
circa 1894

Tool Types

Ice Tools

Directory of American Toolmakers Information

DATM (Nelson 1999) lists William T. Wood & Co. in Arlington, MA, from 1845 - 1905. The text "Town of Arlington, Past and Present" by Charles Symme Parker (1907) notes that William T. Wood came there about 1841 and started working with Abner Wyman making and repairing ice tools. He purchased the business in 1845 and ran it by himself until partnering with his brother Cyrus in 1858. He died in 1871. His son, William E. Wood, took over, retaining the name of William T. Wood & Co. In 1905 the company was consolidated with Gifford Brothers of Hudson, NY, as Gifford-Wood Co.

Identifying Marks

WM.T.WOOD & CO. (curved over a double fleur-de-lis)

General Information
A surviving undated price list seems consistent with 1894 printing techniques, but is apparently a condensed version of a larger catalog. It deals mainly in ice-related tools, elevators, picks, shavers, saws, tongs and so on.


Some photographs of a W.T. Wood ice plow courtesy of Phil Reed:

The following photo was sent in by Robert Kleinberg, who writes: "I was searching for Wm T. Wood & Co Ice Tools and I came across your site.  I have this photo of my grandfather as a young man and thought you might be interested because of all the ice tools on display.  He was born in 1890, and married in 1915.  I think this photo was taken before he was married.  This photo shows him in front of the Wood’s Ice Tool store in Philadelphia where he must have worked.  I was trying to figure out where this store was located.  My best guess is 35 S.4th street, because I found references to Altemus & Co. Printers which is next door and I think had a store at 33  4th st.  My grandfather Leon Shute is the second from the left."

The following image of a ice plow filing gauge was submitted by Vince Hanson:


Wood, Wm. T. & Co. (ca. 1894). Price list, Wm. T. Wood & Co. manufacturers of finest quality ice tools, Arlington, Mass. Facsimile of the original. Long Island, NY. The Early Trades & Crafts Society. IS.