A.J. Wilkinson & Co.
Boston, Massachusetts

Tool Types

Draw Knives, Drills, Grinders, Lathes, machinist Tools, Saw Tools, Saws, Vises, Wood Planes, Other

DATM Information

This company marked and sold tools it did not manufacture in addition to its own lines. The "Est. 1842" date probably refers to Wilkinson's own start, though it's unclear when "& Co." was added. Patents they made include a draw knife with an 1895 patent, several micrometers patented between 1883 and 1886 by Merrick M. Barnes, the rights to which were later bought around 1890 by Brown & Sharpe.

Identifying Marks

Various straight and curved configurations of the full maker name, with or without "& Co.," city, state, "MAKERS," "2 WASH ST," or "A.J.W. & CO."

General Information
Considered one of the best manufacturers of adjustable draw knives in the early 20th century, examples of their craftsmanship are common occurrences in New England tool collections.



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