Wheeler, Madden & Bakewell
New York and Middletown, NY

Tool Types

Saws, Trowels, Other

Directory of American Toolmakers Information

This company's facility was called the Monhagen Saw Works. In 1860, Elisha P. Wheeler, Edward M. Madden and Josiah Bakewell became "Wheeler, Madden & Clemson," using the brand names SEARS & CO., H. MILLSON & CO., and VERNON & CO. (possibly through acquisition) There's a questionable possibility they succeeded Cane, Weel & Co.

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Wheeler, Madden & Bakewell. (1860). Monhagen Saw Works, Middletown, Orange County, N.Y. Illustrated Price List. Facsimile of the original. South Burlington, VT. The "Press" Printing Establishment, Exchange Building.