Underhill Edge Tool Co.
Boston, Massachusetts and Nashua, New Hampshire

Tool Types

Axes, Adzes, Chisels, Edge Tools, Hammers, Hatchets, Picks, Shaves

Directory of American Toolmakers Information

George W. Underhill (July 19th, 1815-October 13th, 1882), John H. Gage and a few others formed this company initially as "Nashua Edge Tool Co." In 1879 they acquired the Amokeag Ax Co. and were bought out by the American Axe & Tool Co. in 1890. Though the plant closed, the brand was still used. The Nashua location was their center of manufacture while the Boston office operated strictly in sales and distribution. George W. Underhill acted as Superintendent until 1875 and a Director until his death.

Identifying Marks

UNDERHILL/EDGE TOOL CO. (sometimes on same line)

General Information

 An Underhill Edge Co. ax was the murder weapon in the trial of Lizzie Borden. The Underhill clan of edge toolmakers can be documented as working as early as the seventh decade of the 18th century (Josiah, Chester, NH) in both southern NH and the Boston area. Underhill edge tools, ranging from steeled wrought iron to the finest cast steel timber framing tools, are frequently recovered from New England’s boatyards and collections. Numerous references to their significance as one of a small group of the most important New England edge toolmakers, along with the Buck Bros., Timothy Witherby, and the Swan Co., are contained in this publication series. Nelson (1999) lists no less than 19 Underhill edge toolmakers working in the Merrimack River watershed area of New Hampshire and in Boston.



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http://lizzieandrewborden.com/pdf%20files/TrialLBPearson.pdf -- A transcription of the trial of Lizzy Borden including a mention of the axe.