Sawyer Tool Co.
Athol, Fitchburg and Ashburnham, Massachusetts

Tool Types

Bevels, Levels, Machinist Tools, Rules and Screwdrivers

DATM Information

The "Mfg." in the title was not always used. The company was formed by Burnside E. Sawyer. The move from Athol to Fitchburg occurred in 1898 and to Ashburnham in 1912. In 1915, the name changed to Almond Mfg. Co. They produced screwdrivers and screwdriver bits for use in SAMSON brand braces, likely based on a 9 May 1899 patent belonging to Sawyer and William Arnott. Further productions include a screwthread gauge (patented to Sawyer, 21 September 1897), a surface gauge (patented to Sawyer, May 9 1899), a bevel (patented to Carl G. Osteman, 25 July 1893) which was also manufactured by L.S. Starrett and, possibly, the S.A. Woods Machine Co., and a tap wrench (patented to Henry B. Keiper, 14 December 1897).

Identifying Marks

SAWYER TOOL MFG. CO./ASHBURNHAM MASS (sometimes without the city/state)

General Information

See also Almond Mfg. Co.



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