Edward Preston and Sons
Birmingham, England

Lamond, Thomas C. The Bailey Tool Co. -- The Stanley Rule & Level Co. -- Edw. Preston & Sons, Ltd.: A circumstantial connection? or... whatever happened to the Defiance spokeshave line?
Lamond, Thomas C. Unconfirmed spokeshaves: Patented by Edward Preston (1908 - 1910).
  • "Indications are that the firm became involved in producing metal-body spokeshaves sometime during the 1880s.  Actually they appear to have been one of the earliest British manufacturers to commit to making spokeshaves completely of metal, a practice that had been proliferating in America for some years." (pg. 11).
Preston, Edward & Sons, Ltd. The "PRESTON" catalogue: rules, levels, planes, braces and hammers, thermometers, saws, mechanic's tools, &c., Edward Preston & Sons, Ltd., Birmingham, England, Catalogue No. 18, May 1909.
Rees, Mark. Edward Preston & Sons of Birmingham, an outline history.

Museum of Woodworking Tools: Edward Preston & Sons page and a reflection on Edward Preston.
Illustrations of a Preston thumb plane and violin plane.
A VERY RARE set of 4 gunmetal violin makers planes and a cast metal bullnose chariot plane all by EDWARD PRESTON.
Preston routers pictures and history.

The museum currently does not have any tools of Edward Preston in its collection.