Peavey Mfg. Co.
Bangor, Maine
1857 to present date

This is one of numerous Peavey Co. names utilized by the famous Peavey clan of logging tool manufacturers. So many Peaveys made tools that a complete compilation of their numerous 19th century activities is, as yet, unavailable. Peavey Mfg. Co. is listed among Yeaton’s ax-makers in his directory Axe Makers of Maine. From 1900 to 1918, the company was in Bangor, then in Brewer from 1918 to 1923, then in Oakland from 1927 to 1965. The Peavey Manufacturing Company is now located in Eddington, Maine.  The company claims to have been in operation since 1857.

The Davistown Museum is in possession of a collection of axes from Ed Shaw which were initially exhumed from the ruins of the Oakland, Maine factory that burned down in 1966 (seen below).

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