North Bros. Mfg. Co.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tool Types

Combination Tools, Drills, Household Tools, Screwdrivers

Directory of American Toolmakers Information

From 1880-1887, S.G. and R.H. North ran an iron foundry under the name "North Bros." In 1887, they incorporated, adding Mfg. Co. to their name, though it is not known if they made tools prior to this event. They bought out the American Machine Co. in 1892 and the Shepard Hdw. Co. of Buffalo, NY in 1893, adding ice cream freezers, ice shaves, egg beaters, flooting machines and other household tools to their offered inventory, including a fluting machine patented 2 November 1875 by Herman Albrecht and a similar tool with a 3 July 1887 patent. Their screwdrivers were based on an 1895 patent of Zachary Furbish as well as a 2 November 1897 patent and several post-1900 patents. They continued to use the American Machine Co. "CROWN" brand. A combination tool marked NORTH MFG. CO./PHILAD. is attributed to this company.

Identifying Marks

CROWN; YANKEE; Configurations of the company name including city/state, patent dates, brand names, etc.

General Information
The “YANKEE” brand was apparently used by Stanley Rule & Level Co. after they bought out North Bros. Mfg. Co. America’s most prolific manufacturer of push drills. Mfg. Co. See Stanley Level & Rule Co.



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  • Yankee Tool is now part of the Stanley Tool Company.
  • To find more information on "Yankee" screwdrivers, see our Zachary T. Furbish information file

North Bros. Manufacturing Co. (1912). Catalogue of "Yankee" tools ice cream freezers etc., etc. North Bros. Mfg. Co., Philadelphia, PA. Reprinted in November 1988 by the Mid-West Tool Collectors Association. IS.