R. Hoe & Co.
New York , NY and Boston, MA
1828-1969 (and on)

Tool Types

Planes, Saw Tools, Saws, Other

Directory of American Toolmakers Information

Robert Hoe was born in England in 1784 and died in 1833 to be succeeded by his son Richard, who ran the company from 1838 to 1909. In 1843, its name was recorded as "The Hoe Printing Press & Saw Mfg. co. At some point, the NY office became a distributor for the Boston factory. harvey Peace's father managed the Hoe saw business for a period and Harvey worked there from 1849 to 1861.

Identifying Marks

R.HOE & CO./NEW YORK; MANUFACTURED BY/-/R.HOE & CO/NEW YORK.N.Y. (first line curved upward)

General Information
This company was largely known for their advances in the printing and binding industry. They made virtually everything necessary for book binding and printing, including "Smith's Printing Press," a device so popular amongst small printers that a publication at the time, Mechanics' Magazine, included instructions for its assembly in one of its issues. Fortunately, the press parts, shipped unassembled, were labeled with points to simplify its construction.



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/PDFsforInventory/WebToolExam_PDF.pdf -- Contains an entry on a saw set from this company.