Hammacher, Schlemmer & Co.
New York , NY
1885-1900 (and on)

Tool Types

Adzes, Axes, Pliers, Rules, Wood Planes, Wrenches

Directory of American Toolmakers Information

Albert Hammacher and William Schlemmer ran a hardware store, marking a variety of tools. It is unclear whether Schlemmer worked for Hammacher & Co. before becoming a partner in 1885. An existing William Schlemmer & Co. hardware business in 1871 seems to make it likely that he was independent. Some tools they sold with unknown makers include nipper pliers patented 25 September 1893 (invalid date) and called "Mediden" and a piano tuning wrench patented by "Mueller," 3 October 1899.

Identifying Marks

H.S.&Co NY; Various configurations of the maker's name, city name or initials, and sometimes a street address.

General Information
Hammacher, Schlemmer & Co. was a very successful hardware store. By 1912 it had the largest catalog of any hardware dealer on the east coast, totalling 1,112 pages. Their product line eventually included the first pop-up toaster, electric razor, answering machine and microwave oven. They are in business today, carrying lines of giftware.


the noted Meriden nippers


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