Atha Tool Co.

Newark, New Jersey

Tool Types

Blacksmithing tools, hammers, railroad tools, stoneworking tools, especially noted for farrier tools and mining tools

DATM Information

There is some contradiction concerning the ontogeny of this particular company--contention exists concerning whether or not it was formerly Newark Steel Works. Benjamin Atha, who was part of the Newark Steel Works, incorporated the company in 1891. It may have been established as early as 1875. They bought out Emmett Hammer Co. in 1884, Hartford Hammer Co. in 1892, Eyeless Tool Co. in 1897, Clark Edge Tool Works in 1897, Buffalo Hammer Co. in 1898, and Yerkes Tool Co. in 1898. Finally, in 1913, Stanley Rule & Level Co. in 1913 bought them out.

Identifying Marks

ATHA TOOL CO.; ATHA TOOL CO. (in a horseshoe figure with an A in the center), A.T.CO.

General Information

Stanley Rule & Level Co. retained the classic "horseshoe" logo after incorporating Atha Tool Co. on some of their products.



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