A Review of Radiological Surveillance Reports of Waste Effluents in Marine Pathways at the Maine Yankee Atomic Power Company at Wiscasset, Maine - 1970-1984.
H.G. Brack. (Ed.). 1986. Pennywheel Press, Hulls Cove, ME

This chapter is excerpted from the only extant bibliography of radiological surveillance reports on either the Maine Yankee Atomic Power Company or any other NRC supervised reactor.  Chapter II of this publication utilizes standard government reports and John Gofman's classic Radiation and Human Health (now out of print) to provide basic information for the layperson who wants to understand the constituents and longevity of spent fuel wastes.  An inventory of the most biologically significant spent fuel isotopes at MYAPC has been extracted from B-2 DOE 1984 (see below) and is reprinted elsewhere on this site.  Full copies of the waste effluent bibliography are available for perusal by anyone visiting The Davistown Museum Library in Liberty, Maine and by appointment only at the Hulls Cove office of The Davistown Museum.  No known or secondary (academic or private research) surveillance reports exist that were executed after the publication of this bibliography except the GTS Duratek Site Characterization Survey ReportSee in particular the editor's comments on the NRC annual limit of intake for 239Pu, one of the most important constituents of spent fuel wastes.  Also see the comments in the archives of the Center for Biological Monitoring on missing weapons production wastes.

Chapter II

See the following sections of RADNET for a discussion on this topic: RAD12: Maine Yankee: Section 2-E: Public Safety Bibliography and RAD12: Maine Yankee: Section 5-C: Patterns of Noncompliance.

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