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Beading plane 33002T2L
8 9/16" long
The bead is damaged. This plane is from the Abiel Walker hoard, Alna, Maine. It has the
same wedge profile as the three other late 18th century planes in Walker's tool kit. Its length is
unusually short.
Double beading plane 31102T1
10" long, 1 3/16" wide cutting blade photo photo
This plane was made by Joseph Fuller of Providence, RI (Pollack 2001). It is one of the most
important planes in the Museum collection and a classic example of the 18th century
florescence of planemakers in southern New England.
SubCategor Wrenches
S-curve open box wrench 8912T3
7 1/8" long, 3/16" thick, 11/16" and 1/2" ends
This wrench is made to fit square nuts.
S-curve open box wrench 8912T4
6" long, 3/16" thick, 1 3/16" and 1 1/8" ends
Category Historic Maritime III (1800-1840): Boomtown Years & the Dawn of the Industrial

SubCategor Agricultural Implements
Sod cutter (?) 31811T30
17" long, "Y" shaped end 4 3/4" long and 6 1/4" wide
signed "STINSON"
This is an unusual configuration for a tool, which has been hand-forged and welded, perhaps
for a special use. It could also be a hay cutter. See ID# 51606T2.
SubCategor Blacksmith, Farrier, and Metalworking
Bolt header 31611T6
8 1/2" long, 1 1/8" wide
It is handmade.
Clinch cutter 021812T4
This is a farriers' tool rendered out of a recycled rasp or file.

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