Jackson & Tyler
Baltimore, MD
circa 1880

Tool Types

Machinists' Tools, Planing and Saw Mills, Blacksmiths, Pattern Makers, Model Makers, Cabinet Makers, Piano-Forte Makers, Carvers' Tools, Moulders' Tools, Carpenters' Tools, Amateurs' supplies

DATM Information


Identifying Marks

Reseller of Baxter Steam Engines, Richardson & Bros., Reynolds & Co., Union Stone Co., Johnson & Bro., Morse Twist Drill Co., Darling, Brown & Sharpe, Prentiss & Co. and Lowell Wrench Co. among others.

General Information
This company's catalog appears to indicate that they were retailers with no product line of their own. The catalog nonetheless remains a valuable resource for placing dates on certain patented items.



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Jackson & Tyler. (1880) Price List, Jackson & Tyler Tools And Suplies of all kinds. Facsimile of the original. Mid-West Tool Collectors Assocation.