WM. H. Carr & Co.
Philadelphia, PA

Tool Types

Augers, Bits, Forks

DATM Information

This company may have dealt in some tools it didn't make.

Identifying Marks


General Information
While little can be learned about the company itelf or its products from the 1838 catalog in the collection as it contains no pictures of any kind, it does contain references to numerous other manufacturers and their products at the time. It includes gun barrels, shutter fasteners, window springs and hardware, door locks, axles and coach hinges, indicating the level of development of American industries in 1838. Also notable is the presence of numerous pieces of ready-made machinery such as surveyor's instruments, coffee grinders and mousetraps.



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Carr, WM. H. & Co. (1838). American Manufactured Hardware, &c, for sale by WM. H. Carr & Co. A facsimile of the original. Early American Industries Association.