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Ken Weeks
529 Falls Bridge
Blue Hill, ME
(207) 385-8364


Birch Bark Canoe Building: Biography

Education: BS: University of Illinois(Urbana/Champaign)
MFA: Brandeis University/Member USA 829 (United Scenic Artists)
I have lived in Europe and Central America as well as the United States. I have been an actor/comedian/designer/artist and most recently a builder of birch bark canoes. Working in the opera/film and theatre has allowed me the flexiblity to pursue my lifelong fascination with primative technology. In the summer of 2000 I participated in a one week birch bark canoe building class at the Woodenboat School. Steve Cayard and his assistant David Moses Bridges (Passamaquaddy) were the craftsmen. I have done museum restoration with Aaron York (Abanaki). While researching his biography of Edwin Tappan Adney, Ted Behne secured clearance for me to paint and draw the models of this world famous collection of birch bark canoe models. Setting aside the modern way of life, I have pursued all aspects of this technology with anthropological reverance. Trekking the Northern woods I hand harvest and prepare materials to build these magnificent craft. It is educational,humbling and inspiring. I have been encouraged to use power tools to facilitate a business of canoe sales but have rejected this modern life of monetary recognition. Instead, I build historically accurate (in detail as well as process) and museum quality crafts in all sizes and scales. The models mimic the same dynamics as a full size canoe demands. These commissioned pieces reflect the specifics of each preceding indeginous tribe and geography unique to every area a patron lives or wants. A sincere intimacy of research and handcrafted individuality promotes this unique process to insure a truly 'one of a kind' work.

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