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Buddy Swenson
127 Fletcher Street
Kennebunk Maine 04043
(207) 985-4203


Gerald "Buddy" Swenson is a native of Connecticut.  He graduated from the University of Connecticut in 1969 and then spent a year painting in Mexico.  He received an MFA in 1970 (Inst Allende).  Swenson moved to Aroostook County, Maine, in 1972 and then to Kennebunk, Maine, in 1983, where he lives today.  Swenson's early paintings were abstract expressionist, and he went on to include landscape, realism, and social and political concerns in his varied body of work.  In the early 90's, Swenson produced a series of Art Furniture pieces (The Shrines) that were exhibited and sold at the Stein Gallery in Portland, Maine.  He has been a member of and exhibited with The Union of Maine Visual Artists since the early 70's.

Current Exhibitions


Nine years ago we were led into a war in Iraq, based on lies, at a terrible cost to the country: over four thousand military personnel killed and many thousands maimed physically and/or psychologically; over one hundred thousand Iraqi civilians killed and the complete destruction of a sovereign nation that offered no threat; over a trillion US dollars spent; the implementation of torture and the erosion of our civil liberties.
Opening--first friday art walk March 2, 2012 5:00-8:00 2012

Pottery at Rocky Mann Studio Potter Gallery, Hulls Cove, Maine


Work in the Davistown Museum Permanent Collection

Entry for Portraits in a Time of War

Commissioned by God (Four panel Christian door)

Paint and collage on wood ~ 29 3/4"w X 79 1/2"h

Crab Table
Mixed media ~ 30"h X 25"d
Angle 2   Angle 3

#45 Plow Plane
Shellacked Plaster Casting

Entry for Portraits in a Time of War

Work in the Davistown Museum for Sale

Eating the Enemy
Watercolor ~ 13"h X 14"w {framed}

Shellacked plaster
9"h X 17 1/2"w {framed}

Thumbs Up Series #1
4"h X 6"w X 2"d

Talking Heads
4"h X 7 5/8"w X 2"d

Thumbs Up Series #3
4 1/2"h X 6 1/2"w X 2"d

Thumbs Up Series #4
7 5/8"h X 7"w X 2"d

Thumbs Up Series #5
10 5/8"h X 8 1/4"w X 2 1/2"d

Blood in the Water I 2006
Paint on board ~ 16"h X 14w {framed}

Talking Heads #2
4 5/8"h X 8 3/8"w X 2"d
Blood in the Water II 2006
Paint on board ~ 18"h X 16"w {framed}

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