Contact Information:

Roberta Sprague
13 Ridgewood Lane
Mount Desert, ME 04660
(207) 244-7455

website: Blogspot


Roberta Sprague was born and raised in a quiet suburb of New York City and moved to Maine shortly after receiving her BFA from Syracuse University School of Art. In the process of sharing art with children she developed an interest in working with children with special needs and pursued this interest through her work with children with communication disorders. She and her husband live and work on Mount Desert Island.

Artist's Statement

Light and color are elusive qualities, ever changing patterns that vary with the movement of branches and of shadows through the landscape, with the seasons, with the time of day and the weather. My work is about these patterns. I start with hand painting papers, creating the shapes and designs that provide  the layers of color and light, the patterns, in my collages. These patterns may be accented by a variety of other media:  paint, colored pencil, oil pastel, photographs, that add texture and line, visual moments for the eye to focus on.

New Work by the Artist not in the Museum Collection



Work in the Davistown Museum Permanent Collection

Congregational Church, Machias

Mixed Media Collage
24" x 17 1/2"


Work in Other Galleries or Collections


Hey, Listen Up

Little Harbor


Low Tide




Crows and Berries







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