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Keith Plummer
53 Oyster Creek Lane
Damariscotta, ME 04543




Keith’s work originated with photography in 2002. Keith discovered his interest in simple forms found in nature. He used digital enhancement to isolate shapes and accentuate contrast. He also developed a fascination with fractals. But photography felt too flat and did not convey the sensuality of the landscapes around him. So, after six
years of taking pictures, he discovered his true passion in carving. By carving lines into wood, he could convey in 3D exactly what he’d felt these images were saying.
In 2009, Keith found his voice in carving wood, a craft which came naturally, as he has worked as a builder and a landscaper for most of his adult life. He has been
influenced by the work of Ken Price, Jean Claude Gaugy, and countless other artists. Keith likes to work with “living” material. Wood, bone, and
antler all breathe and expand. Antler and bone are alive with micro-organisms that still embody the spirit of the animal. In the case of wood, the color and shape of the grain tells a story about the tree’s life. With some of his sculptures, Keith sees a shape prior to carving that he believes to be a spirit. The end result is often a surprise. The bone sculptures take on an anthropomorphic quality and tell a narrative about life beyond the material world.

Galleries and Exhibits


Sedna has been selected once again to appear in a juried show! This time it’s the Zullo Gallery Center for the Arts in Medfield, Massachusetts.  Juror Irena Roman, A.W.S. Professor, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, has selected Sedna for their 22nd Annual Juried Exhibition.

Here is the link for more information: Zullo Gallery Center for the Arts


Work in the Davistown Museum MAG Gallery

Medicine Man
Copper, brass, and deer jawbone

10" wide, 10" long, 17" tall

Work in Other Galleries or Collections

The Twins
10" wide, 17" tall
Azurite, Bone, Brass, Copper

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