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Natalie Ann Gardner
2150 Rte 3
Palermo, ME 04354
Golden Apple Pottery LLC

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Artist's Statement:

I have been a potter for over fourteen years. I discovered my interest in clay as a non-traditional student returning to college to complete a long-desired degree in Fine Art.

The pottery I create is mostly wheel-thrown. My goal is to create beautiful form and balance. Each piece is individually thrown, and fired and glazed with that in mind. I use traditional methods of design, such as scrafitto, wax-resist, sculptural aspects and carving. I wedge and throw the clay, pull my own handles, re-center, trim and glaze by hand. Continuity is achieved through design, color and shape.

Since I am interested in form, I also create ceramic sculpture altering a wheel-thrown piece and adding hand built elements.

I have no desire to mass-produce pottery, choosing to create the special feeling and quality of personally made craft.

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