The Davistown Museum
Center for the Study of Early Tools
Scattered throughout The Davistown Museum are tools by important manufacturers who are also the subject of
information files compiled by the museum. This is a listing of our holdings for:
Henry Disston & Sons, Inc.

Status Location
Historic Maritime IV (1840-1865): The Early Industrial Revolution
Measuring Tools
121805T28 Wire gauge bio photo DTM MH
Steel, 4 1/2" long, signed "No. 1 DISSTON STANDARD PHILA.U.S.A." and then with sizes 1 - 26.
This is a rare Disston gauge for "measuring sheet stock used in making saws. I believe this gage goes back to the time when there were no
national standards for sheet, requiring individual companies to establish their own standards." (Ray Larsen).
Measuring Tools (Except Machinist Tools)
81101T18 Try square bio DTM MH
Tempered alloy steel, 2", signed "DISSTON" and "A. MORSE", probably the owner.
Henry Disston (1819 - 1878) was making saws in Philadelphia as early as 1840. See DATM (Nelson 1999, 227-9) for a complete listing of
the Disston clan and their tool manufacturing operations.
Woodworking: Saws
10700T1 Backsaw bio photo DTM MH
Spring steel, brass, and wood, 15 3/4" long with 12" blade, signed "NOOLE STANIFORTH & CO. SHEFFIELD" and "DOUBLE REFINED
SPRING WARRANTED" with the brass signed "H. DISSTON & SONS PHILADA".
English-made spring steel has been processed by Henry Disston & Co. into a saw. The marks on this saw are a puzzle because H. Disston
& Sons is a later signature and by this time Disston was producing his own cast and spring steel.
71401T2 Rip saw bio DTM MH
Steel, wood, and brass, signed with the telltale eagle medallion of an early factory-made Henry Disston saw.
The Industrial Revolution (1865f.): Other Factory Made Tools
102512T7 Doghead saw hammer bio DTM TT
Steel, wooden handle, 14" long, 4 1/4" long head, signed "HENRY DISSTON & SONS" "PHILADA" in a curve and an owner's mark
Courtesy of Liberty Tool Co.
Logging Tools
112704T6 Portable chain saw bio DTM MH
Drop-forged steel and wood, 44 " long, 9 1/2" long handle, signed "DISSTON USA".
This is a portable saw that was used by the military and others in isolated locations where it was not practical to carry stiff one or two man
Woodworking: Saws
913108T28 Saw bio DTM MH
Silver steel, brass trim, wooden handle, 22" long, signed "CHANDLER & BARBER" "SILVER STEEL WARRANTED" "BOSTON , MASS."
and with a circle with an eagle in the middle and "WARRANTED SUPERIOR".
Chandler & Barber were hardware dealers who marked this saw with their trademark. It was made by Henry Disston, whose eagle trademark
is also on the saw. Silver steel is another name for saw steel.
101312T27 Veneer saw bio DTM TT
Cast iron, cast steel, lacquered wood, 8" long, 2 7/8" edge, signed "DISSTON USA".

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