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30701E2 Deed bio DTM
Paper item floating in glass, 7 1/2" wide, 7 1/2" high, , March 31, 1714.
John Tinkcom.
30701E1 Deed bio DTM
Paper item floating in glass, 7 1/2" wide, 8 1/2" high, , March 24, 1710.
John Tinkcom, Dartmouth, Mass.
AHCE14 Ephraim Timrom deed bio LPC MH
handwritten deed, includes signature of William Bradford Jr., dated 1691.
30701E4 Estate inventory bio DTM
Paper item floating in glass, 7" wide, 11 3/4" high, , May 6, 1794.
John Tinkham, Administrator for the estate of Abagail Tinkham.
93011T4 Membership card DTM TT
Paper, 4" x 2 1/2" bi-fold, signed "PATTERN MAKER'S LEAGUE OF NORTH AMERICA".
The card is dated 8-8-46. It belonged to Darwin Swenson, Rockford Association. Donated by the Swenson Family.
22803E1 Walker, David DTM
Heavy paper, 8" wide, 12" tall, unsigned, 1971.
A poem. The cover page is marked "Edge Broadsheet No. 1 | THE TROUT | DAVID WALKER | 100 copies printed at The Green Leaf
Press by EDGE 1971 | P.O. Box 25042, Victoria St., Christchurch, New Zealand | 20 cents
Miscellaneous Items
E1302 Letters of condolence with photographs DTM
B/W, signed "Frank".
This group has two photographs of a deceased male child which accompany four letters of condolences. The letters are dated February 24,
1886 and February 19, 1886. One photo is 5 1/2" wide by 7 1/4" high.
E1301 Log book DTM
Hardback, 16" high, 6" wide, signed "William Allen his book bought 1710".
The log book for a West Springfield, MA, area from 1770 to 1791.
N3506 Map LPC HC
Photogravure of the original map, 14" wide, 19 5/8" high including 3/4" margins, unsigned.
The original map is dated October 7, 1837 and is noted as accompanying the journal of a delegation of Sac and Fox Indians of Mississippi
and Missouri. The journal and the map was apparently presented to some government officials at a later date. The photograph is dated July
4, 1884, Bureau of Indian Affairs. An interesting but rather mysterious fragment of the Native American ethnic cleansing of the 19th century.
121500A5 Stereo card DTM MH
2" by 6" (aprox.), .
"No. 4 True grit - Barber painting sign on tent stretched on sidewalk of former place." Copyright Griffith & Griffith.
121500A2 Stereo card DTM P
2" by 6" (aprox.), .
"No 662 View from the New Park, Phila." Photographed and published by Kilburn Brothers, Littleton, N.H.
121500A4 Stereo card DTM P
2" by 6" (aprox.), .
Saratoga Springs, NY, Baker & Record, Photographers.
121500A1 Stereo card DTM P
2" by 6" (aprox.), .
"Conn. River from Elizabeth Rock, near Northampton, Northampton Bridge and Mt. Holyoke in the distance" photographed by Lovell &
Knowlton. Henry M. Burt, Publisher, Northampton, Mass.
121500A3 Stereo card DTM P
2" by 6" (aprox.), .
Published by L. G. Burnham, Morrisville, VT. No. 169.

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