Items available for Education Loans from The Davistown 02-Jul-13
Tools List still under construction
Spring adjusted diamond wagon wrench 21912T1
9" long, 1" wide
signed "Reed & Co. Higgaum CT"
This wrench was patented by T. H. Remington on May 21, 1878. There is a photo of the
patented wrench in Cope (1993, 206). Courtesy of Liberty Tool Co.
Tap wrench 22612T9
2 1/2" long, 1/4" diameter, 3" long handle
signed "The Dikeman Mfg. Co. Norwalk, Conn"
The Dikeman Mfg. Co., Norwalk, Conn. was founded in 1906 in Norwalk by two bothers,
Charles and Joseph, after both had worked in Torrington, Conn at a bicycle factory. Dikeman
Mfg made mechanics tools and metal goods. (Bacheller 2000). Courtesy of Liberty Tool Co.
Tractor nut box wrench 8612T2
6 1/4" long, 13/16" open end, 7/16" closed square end
signed "IRON ACE"
IRON ACE is cast into the body of the wrench.
Wagon wheel wrench 021812T3
9" long
This is a two ended wrench.
Wagon wrench 31808SLP21
8 1/4" long photo
Wrench 32912T4
11" long
signed "WELLS BROS & CO" "7/16" "1/2"
A Wells Bros. Co. located in Greenfield, MA is listed in DATM (Nelson 1999, 840), but this tool
does not bear one of the listed marks and appears to be earlier than the 1887 to 1912
operation dates listed. Courtesy of Liberty Tool Co.
Open ended wrench 31112T25
7 1/4" long, 1/2" wide bio
signed "3/4'' C. Drew & Co. 3/4''"
Courtesy of Liberty Tool Co.

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