Items available for Education Loans from The Davistown 07-Aug-
Hand drill 22411T17
9" long
This is an Archimedean style drill with a fine drill holder end.
Snail countersink bit 8912T7
3 3/8" long, 5/16" wide
This bit has a square shank for a bit brace. DATM (Nelson 1999) does not list any Hawesworths.
Twist drill bit 31811T9
8" long, 1" diameter
It is used with a brace.
SubCategor Woodworking: Edge Tools
Adz 3312T13
8" long, 1 3/4" wide blade
This commonplace contemporary tool was purchased in a Nairobi, Kenya flea market in 2011
and donated to the museum by Judith Bradshaw Brown. It's curved handle form is from natural
tree growth. It is notable in that the design of this adz is a perpetuation of the now obsolete
model of socket hole edge tools, which characterized tool forms during the European Bronze
Age. See "Steel and Toolmaking Strategies and Techniques Before 1870" (Brack 2008, 15) for
commentary on the modern design of the shaft hole ax, which first appeared in the toolkits of
Sumerians c. 3000 BC. Also see Goodman (1964).
Box scraper 31011T5
10 1/2" long, 5" wide, 3" high, 5" blade
It has an adjustable blade. It is used to remove paper labels from wooden boxes.
Chisel 31811T31
9 1/2" long, 1 1/2" wide
signed "BY" "______ HARDWARE CO" and "____ CONN"
The marks are very worn and difficult to read. This chisel is broken. It has been saved to study
its microstructure.
Chisel 33002T14
7 3/4" long, 3 3/4" handle, 15/16" wide blade
signed "Hardened tool steel ______ MADE IN USA"
This is a generic early 20th century tool.

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