Items available for Education Loans from The Davistown 07-Aug-
Spiral screwdriver 22411T18
10 1/2" long bio
signed "F. A. Howard" "Maker" and "Belfast Me"
This screwdriver has a special locking feature and a slot type drill bit.
Spiral screwdriver 31602T6
12" long bio
signed "Goodell Pratt"
Goodell Pratt Co. was located in Greenfield, MA from 1899-1931 (Nelson 1999, 321).
Spiral screwdriver 92112T8
8 1/2" long closed, 12 1/2" long open, 3/16" wide bit
Spiral screwdriver 92112T7
19 1/2" long open, 13 1/4" long shut, 1/4" wide bit bio
signed "F.A. Howard Pat'd Aug. 4 68"
The chuck is seized so the bit is permanently affixed.
Square nail collection 4512T1
18 1/2" long, 16" wide
This hanging display contains nails ranging from the 18th to 20th centuries. Courtesy of Liberty
Tool Co.
Tapered reamer 30911T3
4 1/2" long, 9/16" wide
This reamer is used in a brace. The Reiff & Nestor Company began in 1912 and is still in
existence today
Tapered reamer 30911T6
15" long, 8" blade
This convex-shaped reamer is handmade from a file.
Tool handle 22311T3
signed "FRAY'S. PAT. AUG.7.83."
The following tools are stored in the handle: straight chisel, curved chisel, scribe, small
screwdriver, medium screwdriver, large screwdriver, awl, and tack remover. This patent is online
at: Part
of the Robert Sullivan Collection donation.

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