Items available for Education Loans from The Davistown 07-Aug-
Knife 22612T11
4 3/4" long blade, 4" handle
signed "CHARLES M&H Co FRANCE NEW.YORK" with double quotes around "CHARLES"
Probably this was used as a fillet knife. Courtesy of Liberty Tool Co.
Pruning knife 42012T7
4" long folded, 1" wide
It was made by Northfield Knife Co. of Lichfield County, Connecticut (still standing), which was
in operation from 1858-1929 (Nelson 1999, 581). Provenance: Northfield, CT.
SubCategor Logging Tools
Hewing ax 33112T2
7 1/4" long, 1/2" wide bio
signed "J. R. Deering" "Libby and Bolton" and "Warranted cast steel"
Deering is a Saco Maine toolmaker (1849- 1881). He probably made this ax for Libby and
Bolton who were also Maine toolmakers in Portland, Maine.
Log marking hammer 121412T12
31 1/2" long, 11" wide head, 1" x 2" face
signed "GN"
This hammer is used to mark ownership of logs. The "GN" it imprints stands for Great Northern
Paper Company of Millinocket, ME.
Multi-use lumber tool 101312T10
14 1/2" long, 3" wide, 15/16" thick
signed "US TWEAKER US PAT. NO. 4762303"
Phillip G. Thomas of Ashland, OR, received this patent in 1988. Tweaker is a brand name
currently sold by Mayhew and Sears.
Pickaroon 93011T6
10" long, 6" wide head
Pickaroon 93011T5
15" long, 5" wide head bio
Folding caliper rule 22211T14
24" long (extended), 12" long (folded), 3/4" wide, 1/8" thick bio
signed "STANLEY RULE" "& LEVEL CO." "No 6"
This is a Stanley No. 6 rule. It has a twofold scale, each leg is 12". There is a brass caliper on
one leg and a board foot scale on the other leg. Part of the Robert Sullivan Collection

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