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Pliers 22612T2
9" long
signed "EYELET TOOL CO" on one side of the jaws and "E.T.CO BOSTON" on both sides at
the pivot point
This specialized set of pliers is used to cut leather for 1/4" strips. DATM (Nelson 1999, 268)
indicates this company worked from 1858 to 1920. However, this tool looks newer, perhaps
from the 1940s or 50s. One cutting edge is broken.
Round leather punch 8912T5
4 3/4" long, 7/8" wide, 7/16" diameter hole
signed "THOMAS ADAMS 12"
DATM lists a T. Adams of Philadelphia that made leather tools (Nelson 1999, 14).
Shoe lasting pliers 3312T1
8" long
signed either "PREETH" or "FREETH"
This is a typical curved pliers w/ hammer but cast as one piece. The end is slightly damaged
(the tack remover is broken off.) DATM (Nelson 1999) lists a foreign toolmaker named
Benjamin Freeth as working 1770 - 1824. Courtesy of Liberty Tool Co.
Shoe lasting pliers 3312T2
9" long
signed "UNION PATENTED OCT 25, 1887" "WHITCHER 3"
There is a crisscross pattern on the hammer face. Hammer pressed fit into body. Frank Whitcher
of Boston, MA patented the lasting pinchers, which were made by Union Shoe Machinery
Company of Lynn, MA, 1873 - 1913. His patent may be viewed at:,+1887+whitcher&
tcher&f=false. Courtesy of Liberty Tool Co.
Shoemakers' hammer 31808SLP25
8" long, 6 7/8" long handle, 3 1/2" long head photo photo
signed "STEEL" "DROP" "FORGED" "CHAMPION" and on the other side of the head "REX"
DATM (Nelson 1999) lists a number of companies named "Champion", several "Champion"
marks on tools, and three "REX" marks. However, none of them specifically made cobblers'
tools or hammers.
SubCategor Coopers' Tools
Barreling hatchet 92813T2
10 3/4" long, 5 1/4" long head, 2" cutting edge bio
signed "ANCHOR PLUMB Forged Steel"
This hatchet was made by Fayette R. Plumb, who worked in Philadelphia, PA, from 1888 to
1905. He used the mark "PLUMB" and the Anchor brand. Previously he was associated with
Yerkes & Plumb (1870) before buying Yerkes out in 1887. Y & P used the "ANCHOR" mark and
he kept on using it.

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