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Hoe 102211T1
9 1/2" long, 6" cutting edge, 2 1/4" high
signed "KLEIN LOGAN Co"
Klein, Logan & Co. worked out of Pittsburg, PA from 1868 to 1899.
Ox shoes 101312T31
4 3/4" long, 1 3/4" wide
signed "No 20" "ATWATER 2"
The Atwater Manufacturing Company of Southington, CT, was involved in a patent suit over
an 1873 patent for improved dies for forging ox shoes.
Planters' dibble 31212T17
11" long, 1 1/8" diameter
Sheep shears 101701T4
12 1/4" long
signed with an interesting cartouche illustrating the function of this tool: a farmer shearing a
sheep with the mark "clipaway"
This is probably a 20th century tool and is an excellent specimen for in-class demonstration.
Sickle 102211T2
17" long, 5" handle, 9" wide bio
signed "North Wayne Tool Co., Oakland, ME USA" and an owners signature nearly obscured :
This sickle is used for cutting grass and probably is an early 20th century product.
Tractor wrench and valve lifter 81713T6
9" long, 4" wide
Wheel cotter pins 101213T1
Pins range from 9" to 10 1/4"
These cotter pins appear to be for a tractor, wagon, or other large wheeled (probably
agricultural) vehicle or machine.
Hay hook 22612T1
9" long, 1/2" diameter, 5" long handle bio
This tool is also known as a bale hook.
SubCategor Blacksmith, Farrier, and Metalworking

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