Items available for Education Loans from The Davistown 07-Aug-
Try square 3312T14
4 1/2" long, 3" wide
signed "PATENTED JUNE 20 ‘09" with a scratched in owner's mark "JOS"
This type of try square was used by a cabinetmaker. Courtesy of Liberty Tool Co.
Winged outside calipers 22411T23
9" long, 4 1/2" wide when closed
signed "J. M. PARKHURST"
This appears to be an owner's mark and not a maker's mark.
Wire gauge 22411T28
5 1/4" long, 1 5/8" wide
signed "E. W. SIMMONS"
It appears to be hand-stamped. DATM (Nelson 1999) does not list an E. W. Simmons or a
Simmons that made wire gauges.
Center gauge 41212T3
2 1/4" long, 3/4" wide bio
signed "Darling, Brown & Sharpe Providence, R.I." and "P.H. MAY" owner’s mark
This machinists' tool bears a rare, early mark. Courtesy of Liberty Tool Co.
Scale 30311T10
10 1/2" long, 11/16" wide, 1/8" high bio
signed "Brown & Sharpe Mfg Co" "Providence, R.I. U.S.A." and with their trademark LBS
Dividers 32912T5
9 1/2" long
These dividers have sliding steel points. The maker’s mark indicates that these were made by
Joshua Stevens Arms and Tool Company, 1864-1886. Courtesy of Liberty Tool Co.
Dividers 31811T11
9" long, 5/16" wide bio
signed "OLDENBURG" and the James Swan trademark.
Level 22311T1
12 1/4" long, 2 3/4" wide, 1 1/2" deep bio
signed "THE L.S.STARRETT Co" "ATHOL, MASS. U.S.A." with a border
Part of the Robert Sullivan Collection donation.
Level 041712T1
12" long, 3/4" wide, 1 7/8" high bio
signed "THE L.S.S. Co. ATHOL MASS U.S.A."
This machinists' level dates from 1940 - 1950.

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