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Box hatchet 22411T7
14" long, 5" x 1" head
It is also known as a barrel hatchet.
Broad ax head 31811T13
10 1/4" long, 7 1/4" wide
signed "J EMERY" and "C STEEL"
An H. Emery is listed as an edge toolmaker in Buxton, ME, 1849 (Nelson 1999, 260).
Hatchet head 22411T27
5" long, 3" wide
This hatchet has a claw design. DATM (Nelson 1999, 484) lists Lindley & Morse making adzes,
axes, and hatches in Douglas, MA in 1855.
Hewing ax 072112T3
8 1/2" long, 6" wide head, 24 1/2" long handle
signed "W. GRIFFEN"
There is no obvious weld iron/steel interface. Is it late enough to be drop-forged? DATM
(Nelson 1999, 335) lists a W. Griffen as a maker of wooden planes with no other information
Shingling hatchet 22411T26
12" long, 2 1/2" x 4 1/4" head
This is a small size for this type of hatchet
SubCategor Woodworking: Axes and Hatchets Made in

Broad ax 110611T4
9 3/4" long blade, 9 1/2" cutting edge, 2' long handle bio
The 1882 Maine business directory lists S. Eastman making axes and knives in both Bradford
and N. Bradford Maine. This is the first Eastman edge tool in the Museum collection. For more
information, see the Registry of Maine Toolmakers (Brack 2008).
SubCategor Woodworking: Boring Tools
Drill bit 31811T33
2 1/2" long, 3/8" diameter
signed but it is too worn to read, it might say "1855"
It appears to be a Jennings type bit.

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