Items available for Education Loans from The Davistown 07-Aug-
Mast ax 72801T2
10 3/4" long, 7" wide blade, 28" handle photo bio
signed "PAYSON"
Payson is not listed in DATM (Nelson 1999); there are three different Payson's in the Registry
of Maine Toolmakers. This ax has a Portsmouth, NH, area origin and illustrates the Kent
Mortising ax 72206T2
12 3/4" long, 1 1/4" wide
The body of the tool is wrought iron with a clearly scarfed wedge of welded, forged, probably
blister steel as the cutting edge. It is from the early 19th or possibly late 18th century. It has a
horizontal cutting blade and is a typical shipsmith product, used by a shipwright to cut the hole
for a treenail (trunnel).
Peen hatchet 72714T4
18" long, 3 1/4" cutting edge, 6" head
This hatchet is clearly handmade with a riveted and braised steel edge on an iron body.
SubCategor Woodworking: Boring Tools
Pod augers (4) 102100T23
8 3/8" long, 7 1/2" long, 7 3/8" long, 6" long
These are imported English tools made by one of England's more prolific edge toolmakers.
They were made for the American trade.
SubCategor Woodworking: Edge Tools
Cabinet scraper 22612T3
10" long, 2" long blade
signed "TORRTS" owners' mark
This tool is hand-forged and typical in design and materials of scrapers that were made as
early as the Roman empire. The British Museum has a similar specimen, date unknown.
Chisel 31811T18
9 1/12" long, 1/2" wide
signed obscured in a forge fold, might be "SHAW"
Drawknife 22311T18
18 1/2" long, 12 1/2" long blade
This drawknife is handmade and hand-forged with a steel cutting edge. Part of the Robert
Sullivan Collection donation.

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